Hide And Seek

By: Natalie

Once there was a group of kids there age ranged from ten to fourteen, these group of kids lived on Pineway Drive. One day wile the sun was fading behind the horizen these group of kids desided to play a game of hide and seek but what they didnt know was that it would be the last game they would ever play. The game started with one of the kids counting, the kid that was counting was a girl her name was Katy, Katy started counting, one,two,three, but it was dead silent and she didnt hear any gigling or sound of chirldren running. So she started counting again. One, two, three, four, Ahhhhh there was a scream of terror but Katy didnt stop counting there was some type of force that kept her counting. Five,six,seven,eight, there was another scream but this time a boy. Nine,ten,eleven,twelve, another cry of pain. Thirteen,forteen,fifteen,sixteen, a shreek. Seventeen,eighteen,nineteen,twenty. Then everything went black.